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“We sent our estimations over to the RTA kitchen configuration support, and have been so content with our experience. The planner helped us set up together a design and rendering. She was very useful in taking our criticism on various design alternatives and was glad to assist us with seeing distinctive set ups. Our planner helped us add the last format structure to the truck – so it was very simple to checkout realizing she had thoroughly considered all the little pieces that accompany the bigger cupboards. Would prescribe for somebody who is working a kitchen redesign without anyone else!”


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Old To New – A Short Guide To Renovating Your Kitchen

Old To New – A Short Guide To Renovating Your Kitchen

All the houses all over the world have a favorite family spot where they sit, chat and spend most of the family time together. The kitchen is the center spot of most of the houses and it is also the busiest. You prepare your meals here, help out each other and even try new recipes together as a family. The kitchen says a lot about your home. This space is easy to miss out while renovating the house but this shouldn’t ever be the case. A well-lit kitchen with spacious cabinet space and an island does not only look good but also adds up so much to your space.

Picture perfect kitchens

If you are one of those who gets tempted by the beautiful kitchens on Pinterest but are on a budget, you must take up the challenge, remodel the kitchen, and make it look brand new. It’s easy and so much fun! Most of the solutions are totally rental friendly.


Take a good look at your kitchen and list out the things you want to change. You can refer to your pins too from time to time for inspiration. Once you have a clear idea of the look you want to go for, visit your nearest home depot. Some new knobs spray paint and chalk paint will do most of the work for the big makeover. If you want to go in for a whole new look, you can also change up your kitchen tops as well as floors with rental friendly options.

Contact paper in print of your choice would be a good way to go. For the floors, you can try laminate floors. They are easy to put and can be taken out in a few minutes if you move out. You can also change your faucets to a dull gold or industrial grey, depending on the whole vibe of your house. Some nice sheer curtains also make the kitchen look cozy.

Be creative with your ideas

If you are dealing with small kitchen space, go for more storage options in your cabinets, get some organizers to make the most of your space. Install a few shelves and try some DIYs to help with the situation.


Just by repainting your cabinets and changing your knobs with more modern-looking options, your space will start to look new. To bring the whole place together add in a rug and a few plants. And, just like that, you will have a brand new kitchen just in your budget!


This is a sponsored post from Kitchen Remodeling Raleigh.

How To Add Value To Your Bathroom Space

How To Add Value To Your Bathroom Space

For many years, bathrooms have been ignored when it comes to paying attention to detail in order to make them look just as put together as the rest of your house. Most people think of bathroom remodeling as just fixing a leaky faucet or showerhead, changing a moldy skirting or a sink cabinet. However, these days – the situation is quite different and bathrooms are gaining the same attention as a living room and for all the good reasons. A bathroom is a part of the house and as such, you might want to put some thought into it. After all, bathrooms are where you might up spending a lot of time with your thoughts alone.

The aesthetic value of bathrooms in your home

But, on a more serious note – you might be surprised to know that a lot of people consider bathrooms as a deal-breaker if they do not match the aesthetics of the rest of your house. Just a little tweak here and there will add to the value of your living space. A well thought out color scheme makes your house look much richer and would be a great idea if you are planning on selling the place or putting it up on the market. Changing your faucets to antique looking washed out gold or a black theme for an industrial look could definitely help increase the value of your property.

Remodeling bathrooms in rental properties

If you are living in a rented apartment and want to make your bathroom look interesting, there are a lot of rental friendly options for that as well. Toss out your old knobs, get some modern-looking sleeker options, and style it up with a coat of paint or a sheet of contact paper. You can use the contact sheet on your cabinets as well as around the sink area. They come in so many prints and colors and are so easy to use! The best part is that they come off easily if you are planning on moving anyway!

Try different things

Just by changing your shower curtains and adding a basket for your laundry will make the place more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Change your soap dish for a fancy thrift one and let it do its magic.
Your guests will never want to leave the house and you might end up spending even more time here than usual. Good-looking bathrooms really relax you, and you will notice that for yourself. To create a calming vibe, you can also add some potpourri, fresh flowers or aromatic diffusers as well. Also talk to a bathroom contractor. They can help you budget your project and turn an idea into reality.

Do-It-Yourself Tile Installation

Do-It-Yourself Tile Installation

So you want to change the way your floor has started to look. You want to get rid of the old tiles and put in new ones. Be careful! Ceramic tile installation can be quite challenging. Before tearing out anything, take a look to know what to expect.

Here are some tips on ceramic tile installation:

Tip 1: Firstly, identify what kind of floor you have. There are three main types of floors (or subfloors):

A concrete floor

This is the most ideal, but before you start, check and clean it of debris. Be sure to fill all the cracks and holes before starting. The cracks affect the tiles, as well. If you see large cracks, especially the ones that run up the wall, consult a specialist before you start working on your tiling project.

A plywood subfloor

As you will be putting ceramic tiles over wood, the plywood subfloor has to be strong enough and capable of carrying the weight. This floor must be thick enough to handle the tiles, as they are quite heavy.

An existing ceramic tile floor

You can deal with this situation in two ways: One way would be to install the tiles directly over it or the other – remove the old tiles.

Tip 2: Take down the measurements of the floor area that you will be tiling to get an estimate of the project. The measurements will help you in estimations for cement, grout and other tools beforehand.

Tip 3: Decide what look you want to go for, keeping all the factors in mind. Ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of prices, shapes, textures, and styles. Pick a tile that suits your budget. Once you find a design that you loved, take a look at the palette of colors that tile comes in, this way you can choose the right one that suits your aesthetics.

Tip 4: Once you have decided on the look of the tile, see its durability, as it is the most important aspect here. When you are deciding on what kind of ceramic floor tiles you want, you should look for these three qualities in the tiles before making your final decision:

The tiles should be water and another liquid resistant

The tiles should be strong enough so as not to erode or corrode easily from regular use and to be able to take enough physical stress as well

And, lastly – the tiles should at least look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


This post is sponsored by Tile Installation Jacksonville.

Bathroom Remodeling Check List

Bathroom Remodeling Check List

Restroom rebuilding is the most ideal way, after kitchen redesigning, to expand the business estimation of your home. It tends to be a little restroom redesign or a huge one, yet it is possible that one done accurately can gather a more significant expense when you sell your home. Regardless of whether you don’t plan to sell sooner rather than later, a washroom redesign can make life simpler and increasingly charming for your family.

A washroom rebuilding check list isn’t a need, however it verges on being that. Before you dispatch your task, a restroom renovating check rundown can assist you with social occasion your thoughts in a single spot. It can help as you gauge time, cost, and exertion included. As you work, your check rundown will assist you with moving easily starting with one errand then onto the next.

Your temporary worker might possibly utilize a restroom redesigning check list. On the off chance that you have one, in any case, you can ask that it be utilized. It will keep costs in accordance with the spending limit. It will be your blueprint. It might likewise get you over into your washroom sooner.

The washroom renovating check list we offer here might be not the same as others, yet it very well may be adjusted to address your issues. You may need two records, really. Make one a rundown of necessities, and the second a rundown of discretionary things you might want in your washroom redesign if conceivable.

Restroom Check List

1. Plan: Before you start a restroom rebuild, set aside some effort to structure the completed room. There are various useful advanced structure programming programs you can utilize on the off chance that you are doing it without anyone else’s help. You may need the prominent Tuscany topic or a vintage structure. On the off chance that you procure an expert creator, work with her on this progression before pushing forward. Take a gander at tests and pictures of tiles, paint, apparatuses, and different materials.

2. Grants: With your structure finished, you comprehend what you intend to do in your restroom rebuild. You have to get grants from your city or region. In the event that you are utilizing the administrations of contractual workers, be certain all grants are all together before work is begun.

3. Dividers: Will your washroom redesigning venture include moving dividers or revamping them? In the event that dividers are to be moved, this might be the initial step. You might need to include another window, or move an entryway as a component of your washroom redesign. Plan cautiously.

4. Floors: Most washroom rebuilding ventures incorporate some sort of floor work. On the off chance that tub, can, shower, or sink are to be moved, you will require plumbing changes. New openings will be made in your floor. You may require new sub floors. This progression will presumably pursue the development of dividers.

5. Pipes: This piece of washroom rebuilding requires an authorized proficient. On the off chance that you are not an authorized handyman, be certain you have one planned at the correct time.

Should You Do Your Own Bathroom Remodeling?

Should You Do Your Own Bathroom Remodeling?

It is safe to say that you are interested about renovating your washroom? Consistently, a great many mortgage holders settle on the decision to rebuild their restrooms. Many settle on the decision to have an expert do the redesigning for them, while others decide to do their own renovating. Have you figured out what you will love to do yet? In the event that you still can’t seem to create a choice, you seem, by all accounts, to be pondering whether it is justified, despite all the trouble or even workable for you do your very own restroom renovating.

One in every one of the reasons why numerous property holders choose to rebuild their private restrooms is as an outcome of the cash that they can spare. On the off chance that you might want to have your restroom expertly rebuilt, you can do as such, however you should pay cash for a specialist temporary worker. Looking on the amount of your washroom you wish rebuilt and who you contract to carry out the responsibility, you could wind up paying a genuinely enormous total of cash; cash that you may not got the opportunity to spend. Therefore, in case you’re hoping to have your washroom rebuilt, however without losing everything, you might need to consider doing your individual restroom rebuilding. On the off chance that honestly, on the off chance that you have earlier home improvement experience, there’s a decent prospect that your rebuilding may looks as though it were expertly done.

One other one among the variables why numerous householders decide to doing their private washroom rebuilding is as a result of the opportunity that they have while doing as such. On the off chance that you choose to rebuild your own restroom, you can’t just pick what you will like supplanted or retouched, however you can likewise change your head on the off chance that you might want to. Normally, you can similarly change your head while depending upon a specialist contractual worker, yet your progressions may prompt additional charges. That is the reason on the off chance that you are anticipating redesigning your washroom as you come, it may be a good thought to do your very own renovating. Not expecting to have everything masterminded, for example, your substitution tub or restroom, is one among the numerous advantages to doing your own washroom redesigning.

In spite of the fact that there are a few advantages to doing your own restroom redesigning, there are, what’s more a few hindrances. One in each one of those inconveniences is the period that it may take. The time that it will take to finish up a kitchen renovating venture will rely upon a couple of various reasons. Those viewpoints consolidate the measure of redesigning you need done, the timeframe you can dedicate to working, similarly as your rebuilding experience. One of the elements why proficient contractual workers are in a situation to rebuild entire restrooms in a nearly modest quantity of time is because of their experience. Their experience frequently enables them to work speedier.

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